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April 2021

The size and scope of the project that we undertook to support families during the pandemic resulted in a considerable increase in the size of the charity. In April 2021 our growing team moved to new premises to enable us to continue to provide resources to families and support our children wherever they were.

Our Story

August 2011

Passion for Learning was founded in August 2011 by our current CEO. From the outset the intention was to train and support community volunteers to use play and enrichment to provide 1:1 support to primary school children helping them to fulfil their true potential. Starting from scratch with no office and few resources Passion for Learning worked to establish a strong reputation for bespoke support and a passion for excellence.


December 2018

Passion for Learning continued to grow as we increased our number of partner schools and the size of our volunteer team. In December 2018 we became a Charitable Incorporated Organisation, officially making us a charity.


May 2014

In May 2014 Passion for Learning became a Community Interest Company and acquired its first tiny office. Volunteer numbers increased allowing us to support more and more children. In September of the same year we opened our first after school Enrichment Clubs in three of our partner schools.


March 2020

In March 2020 our world changed with everyone else’s. Prior to lockdown the majority of our work took place in the school setting. During lockdown we mobilised to ensure that thousands of families throughout Cheshire and beyond had the support and resources that they needed to help their young families at home.


July & October 2021

In July 2021 the Steve Morgan Foundation gave us a minibus, opening doors to a much wider world for our children and families. In October 2021 we acquired additional premises in the centre of our Ellesmere Port community opening up a world of opportunity for providing imaginative new resources and activities for our children and families.

Present 2023

In 2023 we are once again supporting children with our fantastic team of volunteers. We now have 20 Enrichment Clubs including a reading club and a gardening club. The charity provides big events, trips, exciting activities and a wealth of bespoke support to projects throughout Cheshire. Our work to support families, including pre-school children, goes from strength to strength and our reach into the heart of our communities continues to grow.

Meet The Team

Meet The Team

People We Work With

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